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We are a leading source for antique appliance restoration!

We specialize in antique appliance restoration from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Each piece and era has its own unique look and style These classic antique appliances really showcase your design theme and have been placed in many beautiful homes and businesses giving a unique flare.

You can purchase any antique appliance that we have in our “Unrestored Inventory” or we can restore your appliance for your antique appliance restoration project.

Antique Appliances - Product Index
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1788 compression gasket
1788-SL (slim) compression gasket
36" Universal Snap Fit Thermocouple
3-N-1 Starter Combo
6662 compression gasket (per foot)
72" Universal Snap Fit Thermocouple
Ceramic Insulator
Chambers adjustable stove legs
Chambers gas oven pilot window mica
Chromolax Surface Burner Kit (large)
Chromolax Surface Burner Kit (small)
Electric Range Broiler Element Support clip
ES134 Electric Range Broiler Element
ES142 GE - Electric Range Bake Element
ES177 GE/Hotpoint Small Oven Bake Element
ES45X56 - General Electric/Hotpoint Broil Element
ES45X57 - GE/Hotpoint Bake/Broil Element
ES45X59 General Electric / Hotpoint Broil Element
ES5043 Electric Range Bake Element
ES5099 Electric Range Bake Element
ES571 GE Electric Range Bake Element
ES577-1GE Electric Range Bake Element
ES671 Electric Range Broiler Element
ES970 Frigidaire Broil Element
ES979 Electric Range Bake Element
ESX50 GE Bake or Broil Element
ESX58 GE - Electric Range Bake or Broil Element
FGM5597 Frigidaire Gasket
Frigidaire Bake Element
G1160 Compression Door Gasket (per foot)
G5878 Vinyl Compression Gasket (per foot)
GE/Hotpoint Large Burner Trim Ring
GE/Hotpoint Small Trim Ring
GE4732 compression gasket (per foot)
GRG1050 compression gasket (per foot)
GRG1051 compression gasket (per foot)
Heirlooms From The Kitchen
J5053 Compression Gasket (per foot)
Large GE/Hotpoint 8" Drip Pan
Large GE/Hotpoint Surface Burner NT
Large GE/Hotpoint Surface Burner WT
Oven Thermostat Bulb Clip
P10297 compression gasket (per foot)
P10338 compression gasket (per foot)
P10582 compression gasket (per foot)
P4275 Admiral compression gasket (per foot)
PA102 Frigidaire compression gasket (per foot)
Ranco Replacement Thermostat
Refrigerator Replacement Power Cord
Replacement Breakerstrip screws
Small GE/Hotpoint 6" Drip Pan
Small GE/Hotpoint Surface Burner NT
Small GE/Hotpoint Surface Burner WT
Spring Coil Element
Square Top GE Decal
Start/Run Relay
Target Type Pilot Burner
Thermomagnetic Safety Valve
Thermomagnetic Safety Valve with thermocouple and pilot assembly pack
Universal 6in. Drip Pan
Universal 8in. Drip Pan
Universal Large Trim Ring
Universal Small Trim Ring
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